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Saving Money: How Our Glazing Installations Can Cut Your Bills

Insulation is one of the 21st century’s buzz words – whether it’s loft insulation, insulating your floors or blocking up that pesky chimney, insulation is everywhere in our home and for good reason.

Keeping the warmth in and the cold out means you eliminate uncomfortable draughts and high energy bills, as well as reducing the risk of damp and moisture build up around poorly insulated areas. And your windows are no different – effective insulation is essential to provide you with a comfortable home and to prevent wasted money on your energy bills.

Upgrading To Double Or Secondary Glazing

While all new homes have had double glazing for a while, some older properties (particularly listed buildings) may not have made the transition from the original single glazed windows to the energy efficiency and better insulation of double glazing.

If possible, double glazing windows should be your first choice – offering fantastic insulation and a massive change in comfort to your home. If, however, you live in an older or listed building and are unable to change your windows too much then secondary glazing is an equally significant improvement. As it is a reversible option, it’s a great choice for listed buildings as it doesn’t make anywhere near the impact on the building that completely removing and replacing existing windows would.

Replacing Inefficient & Defective Glazing

Over time, it may be necessary to replace existing double glazing units as they’ve fallen into disrepair or developed faults. One of the most common double glazing faults, which tends to be particularly prevalent in older units, is what is known as a ‘cold bridge’.

This fault can be spotted by the build-up of condensation and moisture inside the actual unit, between the two panes of glass. It’s caused by the frame’s seal completely or partially failing, and the metal ‘bridge’ in between the glass panes getting particularly cold and reacting with the warm air that’s now able to get in. Moisture ends up accumulating which looks unpleasant as well as posing risks for mould and damp build-up.

Replacing them sooner rather than later will remove the damp and mould risk, as well as restoring your windows to their optimum insulating capabilities, meaning you have to act quickly to make sure your home is as efficient as possible.

If you’re looking for a professional installer of double glazed windows in Cambridge, or need your existing units replacing, then get in touch with Halls of Cambridge today by calling us on 01223 971014. We’ll happily assess your situation and your home, and offer you a quote and service that’s tailored exactly to what you need.