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Essential Tips For Improving Your Home’s Security

Our professional locksmith services here at Halls of Cambridge are vital when it comes to dealing with a break-in – but we can also help you secure your home and avoid the burglary in the first place.

There are plenty of things that you can do to make your home that bit more secure, but with the help of these handy hints (and our professional services here at Halls of Cambridge) you’ll have a home that’s more secure, safer and less attractive to potential intruders.

1. Make Sure All Entry Points Are Secure
Front doors, French windows, garages and balconies are all entrances to your home and potential access points for a would-be intruder, so it’s worth making sure these are as secure as possible. If you’ve just moved into your home then it’s worth changing the locks to be sure – you never know who had access to the keys before you moved in, and changing them yourself allows you to ensure quality secure locks are used.

If your garage doors seem vulnerable, beef up the security with a modern door and an electronic access system – roller shutters are also a great way to increase garage security if you’re particularly concerned.

2. Be Careful Where You Keep Valuable Belongings
Do you keep anything valuable in your bedroom drawers or wardrobes? Well guess what – that’s exactly where potential thieves will look first when they start to rummage through your house. Any keys, money, important documents or valuable items shouldn’t be kept in those common places – in fact, it’s best to avoid bedrooms altogether.

Go for filing cabinets or kitchen cupboards, and make sure you keep your house tidy – burglars love mess, since everything’s already out on display for them to root through.

3. Don’t Forget Windows – Ensure They’re Strong & Secure
While not as common an entry point for burglars as main entrances like doors, any chink in your home’s security armour could compromise even the best front door lock or sturdiest garage door. Always ensure that any window frames are of good quality and sturdy construction; low-quality PVC frames are usually that bit more pliable than the more reliable makes, and often come with fairly rudimentary locks, allowing a burglar to easily gain access with the right tools.

Consider upgrading your window frames or even just the quality of the locks to improve your home’s security and remove the possibility of windows being an entrance to any intruders.

However you’re thinking about improving your home’s security, whether it’s upgrading your windows and door locks or simply installing a new kind of access system, then we here at Halls of Cambridge can help. With well over 25 years’ experience in the locksmith and security business, you can rely on our services for quality and reliability – call us today on 01223 971014 to discuss what you need for your home.