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Protecting Your Business With Halls Of Cambridge

Your business is your life, your livelihood and your income so security is not something that you’re going to take lightly. Ensuring that everything on your premises is safe and protected is certainly going to be one of your top priorities.

Here at Halls of Cambridge we understand all your security concerns, which is why we offer a number of solutions to make your business more secure. From the small things like office safes to things like master key systems and security shutters, we’ve got it covered.

Secure & Insured Safes

Keeping money, documents or other valuable belongings safe is paramount to a smooth and effective running of your business. Our high security safes here at Halls allow you to operate with peace of mind knowing that your assets, be they cash takings, sensitive documents or computer equipment, are safe and secure.

Master Key Systems

Master key systems are by far the best and most secure way of controlling and limiting access to various parts of your premises while, as the business owner, still maintaining complete access to the entire building. Here at Halls of Cambridge, our expert locksmiths have years of experience when it comes to master key systems in commercial properties, and have fitted systems everywhere from universities and hospitals to offices and apartment buildings.

Roller Shutters

Particularly effective in factories, retail properties and other business units, roller shutters are a great way to add extra security to your building as well as a visual deterrent to would-be burglars. Roller shutters are a great, affordable way to enhance the security of your property, adding another layer of protection to your business.

Here at Halls of Cambridge we have a range of rolling shutters to meet your needs – whether you need sliding grills with electrical locks, collapsible shutters or just traditional grills, we can provide a system to suit you.

No matter how you want to improve the security of your business, whether it’s something small or large, then we here at Halls of Cambridge can help. We provide a number of high security solutions to suit any business, so call us today on 01223 971014 for a consultation and free quote.