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Codelocks at Halls of Cambridge

Codelocks is an innovative designer and manufacturer of electronic and mechanical push button locks for doors, cabinets and lockers. Whether controlling access to certain areas or safeguarding confidential or dangerous materials, the locks offer users a convenient standalone solution without the trouble of issuing keys or cards. The locks are stylish, very easy to fit and are sold with ‘everything you need in the box’ to fit them, including parts, instructions and templates.

Codelocks and Pirate Studios Collaborate

Pirate Studios has recently installed our new CL5500 locks. Watch the case study video to see how CL5500 could benefit your business.

KitLock is a stylish and convenient alternative to traditional locks and keys that use a four-digit code rather than a key to secure lockers and cabinets in gyms, leisure centres, spas, schools, hospitals, data centres, office, warehouse – any cabinet and locker application! KitLock is a brand of Codelocks.

The Internet of Access Control

Internet of Things (IoT) technology has the potential to transform the way that Facilities Managers (FMs) manage buildings. It opens up a plethora of new choices for managing building services such as HVAC, lighting and, more recently, access control. But as Grant Macdonald, Managing Director of Codelocks, explains, FMs must be equipped to properly assess and adopt these new technology choices if they are to realise the potential benefits.

According to market analysts Navigant Research, the global market for building automation systems (BAS) is set for strong growth over the next few years1. This is being led by early adopters reaping the benefits of better building control – especially around energy management – improving comfort and convenience for occupants, reducing energy costs and ensuring compliance with new energy codes.

Importantly, Navigant identifies another key driver for smart buildings: the integration of smartphones into many human interactions within the world around us is shifting our expectations of the built environment.

If you would like to discuss your Access Control requirements get in touch today, Halls of Cambridge are your local Master Locksmith and Access Control Experts, call us on 01223 640505 today.

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Halls of Cambridge

CCTV Systems Are Better At Deterring Crime Than Burglar Alarms

Rural homes should get CCTV systems to prevent crime, says Inspector Chief inspector James Sutherland believes CCTV systems are better at deterring crime than burglar alarms. (Original article published by the Cambridge Evening News - 27 February 2017) Homes in rural areas should have CCTV systems to prevent crime, according to a chief inspector for South Cambridgeshire Constabulary. Chief inspector James Sutherland argues that CCTV systems are better than burglar alarms. At a South Cambridgeshire Police panel meeting in Orchard Park, Cambridge, on Wednesday, CI Sutherland said: "One of the reasons why solving crime in rural areas is much harder than cities is the total absence of CCTV. "You go into Cambridge city and there is really good, authority owned CCTV and there has been for a long time.” "But there is none in South Cambridgeshire. If people can get CCTV then I would wholeheartedly recommend it.” "It's a great deterrent for burglars and a better deterrent than a burglar alarm." He added that CCTV should be accompanied by a "chain of security", rather than people making isolated purchases. "The overarching point I make about security is that home security only works when you chain things together. "But a burglar alarm, or CCTV system, with a good physical system, such as good locks and lighting, has an accumulative effect on crime prevention. "If it were me, I'd start with the good window locks and door locks, security lighting, timer switches and then once that's done, consider burglar alarms and CCTV systems and more advanced security." Halls of Cambridge and Halls Access Control Systems are Cambridge’s Number 1 supplier of security products, call today to discuss your requirements. | Halls Locksmith | CCTV | Cambridge

Rural homes should get CCTV systems to prevent crime, says Inspector

Chief inspector James Sutherland believes CCTV systems are better at deterring crime than burglar alarms.

(Original article published by …

Halls of Cambridge

Smartvest Wireless Alarm System – Security Gets Smart

ABUS- Smartvest Wireless Alarm Systems from Halls of Cambridge | Master Locksmith | Cambridge


Smartvest Wireless Alarm System – Security Gets Smart

Experience smart security with the ABUS Smartvest wireless alarm system. The system allows you to transform your property into a modern …