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18 July 2018 – Dormakaba Mobile Showroom Visit

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Dormakaba at Halls of Cambridge | Master LocksmithThe 2018 dormakaba Mobile Showroom tour will be stopping at Halls of Cambridge 6 The Broadway Mill Rd Cambridge CB13AH.

You are invited to join us on the 18th July 2018 – 10am to 2pm.

As your reliable partner for smart and secure access solutions, the new dormakaba Mobile Showroom is an exciting tool that allows you to view and try dormaba’s comprehensive range of products, solutions and services at our store on Mill Rd.

With over 150 years’ experience and millions of products installed worldwide – from door closers, to highly complex, networked solutions with smart phone access.
The Mobile Showroom is the ideal way to experience, try and test for yourself the expanded product range.

Expert assistance

We do everything to understand what matters to you as our customer. To develop solutions that live up to their promises. Solutions that not only fulfil your expectations, but exceed them.

We are on hand to advice on correct product selection and legal compliance, to make access smarter and more secure.

Product performance

Employing high standards of security, quality and reliability, we offer you products, solutions and services that give you the pleasant feeling of being in good hands.  From door closers to highly complex, networked access solutions with smart phone access, Halls of Cambridge is your reliable partner for secure and flexible access.

Earning your trust

We want to give our customers the satisfying feeling of always having a trusted partner at their side. We strive to ensure that all of our products, solutions and services reflect that attitude.  We are here to help.

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Car Keys and Car Key Programming

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Car Keys and Car Key Programming | Halls of Cambridge | Master LocksmithCar Keys Cut and Programmed onsite at our Cambridge shop

Older cars will only require a replacement key, we can reproduce keys from existing keys in the shop while you wait.

Remote Car Keys and Programming

Many newer car keys also have a transponder chip that controls the cars immobiliser. Cars and vans registered from 1995 may have this system and this means that replacement keys need to be added to the vehicles key list, this process is referred to as programming, it requires specialist equipment and requires the vehicle to be present.

Halls offer a full service solution, our state of the art programming systems are able to reproduce fully working keys for cars and vans that work as reliably as the main dealer equivalent. Before we can create a replacement key we need to gather as much information about the vehicle as possible so we can be sure we provide the correct blade, transponder chip and remote control.

How Can I Order A New Key

Please try to give as much information as possible, if you any questions regarding the details required on the form please contact us on 01223 706456 before you complete the form. We require as much information as you can provide about your vehicle, this helps us to determine the exact model, model of key and transponder. Experience tells us that asking for all of this information helps us to provide an accurate quote and and enabled us to provide a working key and remote transponder. Many manufacturers have ‘cross over’ periods where an ‘older’ and ‘newer’ model exist in the same year, so providing the information is essential to determine which model you have.

The car key and programming service is not a while you wait service, an appointment will be booked and you will need to leave your car with us for up to 2 hours. Once we have created the new car key and programmed the transponder we need to fully test that they are functional,  we will contact you as soon as the keys are ready.

Get in touch now using our online form or call 01223 706456 and talk with the team.

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The New £1 Coin and Your Lockers | Halls of Cambridge | LocksmithsAs you have probably already heard, a newly shaped pound coin will enter into circulation March 2017. That means your business should prepare for the new currency and make sure that your coin-operated lockers accept the new coin.

Here’s what you need to know to get ready for this transition.

What’s the timeline?

The Royal Mint has set up a two-step timescale for the introduction of the new shaped coin. It will enter into use from March 2017, and after just six months of co-circulation in which both old and new coin will be accepted, the current £1 pound coin will be retired for good. And after that date, it goes without saying, you shouldn’t accept the round pound coin for any lockers you have installed.

Why is the existing £1 coin being replaced?

Approximately one in thirty £1 coins are counterfeit. In circulation for more than thirty years, they have now become vulnerable to sophisticated counterfeiters with substantial costs to businesses and taxpayers.

That is why the Government is introducing a new, highly secure coin. Thanks to the twelve-sided shape and the two different metals it’s made up of, it will be much more difficult to counterfeit.

How can I get ready? Can you help me?

The good news is you can plan ahead to avoid the rush and the last-minute panic. You don’t have to wait until September 2017 to upgrade your lockers because we can provide you with solutions that will operate with both new and old coins.

Your next move should be checking your existing locks and lockers as early as you can. Are they coin operated? Did you install them before July 2016? If you’ve answered yes to both questions then it’s likely you’ll have to adapt or replace them.

I know this thought is already sending shivers down your spine, but you don’t need to panic. We have a range of cost-effective solutions which will ensure a smooth transition with no disruptions to you and the users of your facility. Let’s have a look.
Can I convert existing locks to take the new coin?

(Conversion kit available for the Assa Classic Coin Lock only)

If your lockers are equipped with an Assa Abloy Classic Coin Lock, a conversion kit is the first option available to you. Easy to fit, you can upgrade your existing coin locks without changing the whole case. And with just a new middle piece and coin restrictor, your locks will be ready. It also comes with a sticker to signal users your lockers accept both new and old pound coins.

What about new coin locks?

First of all, are you about to buy a coin lock? Don’t forget to check that it is compatible with the new coin to avoid disappointment later. And if you are looking to replace all your existing locks, check out the new version of the Assa Abloy Classic and E-lite Coin Locks we provide. Hardwearing and easy to use, they are the perfect choice to be fully prepared for the introduction of the new pound coin.

Can I use keyless alternatives?

While you are at it, this may also be the right time to move to that digital or keyless solution that you were already considering. If it wasn’t on your agenda you should know that the potential benefits are huge here: just think how long you spend dealing with lost or missing keys.

Whether operated by card, wristband, ifob or code, keyless keypad lockers can simplify the management of your facility. As they eliminate the need for coins, tokens and, obviously, keys, they are an ideal solution for both users and staff. Click here to find out more [link to keyless cabinet/locker locks category page].

Please note:
When planning and using your locker locks, you will need to take into consideration whether they are right/left handed or for wet/dry areas.

If you have any questions about the new £1 coin and your lockers call Halls today.

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Halls Now Cut Avocet Pioneer+ Keys

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Avocet Pioneer+ Keys are a dimple key that is copied via the physical key as they are not supplied with code cards. Halls of Cambridge are now able to cut Avocet Pioneer Keys in the shop while you wait, simply bring a key and we will do the rest.Avocet Pioneer Keys Cut At Halls Of Cambridge | Master Locksmith | Cambridge

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How Can A Locksmith in Cambridge Help You?

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Most people think about locksmiths when they’re locked out of their property and yes – this is one of the services that a professional locksmith can offer but there are plenty of others too.

For example – if you’ve just moved into a new house then the first thing you should do is change the locks. After all, you don’t know who’s had copies of the keys in the past so why risk it?

Rather than purchasing the locks yourselves from the local DIY store (as research has shown that the level of advice available at these stores is dangerously low) then you should contact your local MLA licensed locksmith to come and supply and fit appropriate locks for you. They will know the locks you’ll need so as not to invalidate your insurance.

What Services Does a Locksmith offer?

But there are plenty of other services that locksmiths can provide

Key Cutting

A locksmith will be able to cut keys for any type of lock ( cabinet, garage, back door, upvc door, padlock etc.. )

Window & Door Locks

One of the most common areas of locksmiths is the standard UPVC door and window lock on the domestic house, UPVC locks and windows are a specialist area of locksmithing, most MLA locksmiths will be able to supply, fit, service and repair door and window locks.

Security Safe Services

Make sure you get a safe that has been professionally specified for your needs and is fitted properly. If this is not done then a thief could walk out with your safe!   Locksmiths will also of course be able to opening safes, repair, supply and install and even move large vaults and security safes.

Access control

Some professional locksmiths will be able to specify, supply and install electronic access control systems

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

If your locked out at a unsociable hours, lost your keys or just need the locks replacing & changing a out of hours service is available from some locksmiths.

Want to really read whats it like to be a emergency locksmith? then check out a ‘Diary of a Emergency Locksmith’ from a MLA approved locksmith.

Why have a Locksmith Cut My Keys?

Key cutting is another area of experience for locksmiths. Why get your keys cut anywhere other than by an experienced, professional locksmiths? But have they been vetted? Make sure who you use has been independently accredited as vetted, inspected and competent for the job at hand.

Can a Locksmith Fit Window Locks?

Of course it’s not only doors that need locks but windows too – so make sure your MLA licensed locksmith fits your window locks too.

Don’t forget that locksmiths can work on domestic and commercial properties so if you have a security requirement for your business then make sure you contact Halls of Cambridge today.

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