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Keep Burglars at Bay this Winter with Halls of Cambridge

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National Home Security Month 2014That’s why household names such as Yale, B&Q and Homebase have joined forces with the charity Victim Support to offer advice on making your home more secure as part of National Home Security Month.

The campaign covers four areas:

Door and window security

Protecting valuables

Outdoor security

Home security of the future

Here’s our round up of the top tips in each section…

Door and Window Security

Doors and windows are the most obvious point of entry for burglars. That’s why it pays to…

Lock your windows

It’s vital to ensure all windows are fitted with at least one lock – check your home insurance policy to ensure your locks match the insurer’s specifications.

And make sure you use the locks. Failing to do so could invalidate your cover, especially if you’ve been given a discount on the premium for installing them.

Strengthen your door locks
External timber doors should be secured using a mortice lock and/or nightlatch that meets British Standard BS3621.

PVCu or composite doors should have British Standard Kitemark TS007 cylinders in the multipoint locks.

Again, locks should be used to avoid risk of your insurance being invalidated.

Check who’s at the door

Fit a door chain and spy hole or digital door viewer to external doors and get into the habit of using the viewer to check who is there. Make sure the chain is engaged before opening the door.

Protecting Valuables

To keep thieves at bay you should…

Fit an alarm

Six in 10 of the burglaries attempted on homes with alarms are unsuccessful, so it’s sensible to have a working burglar alarm.

Alarms put potential burglars off and will also alert your neighbours in the event of a break-in.

Always have your alarm installed professionally by a firm with National Security Inspectorate (NSI) certification.

This is often a requirement of insurance policies where a premium discount has been given.

Be fraud-aware

Fraudsters step up their activity around Christmas, when shopping trips, social events and internet purchases make it harder to keep track of your cash. Check your current account and credit card statements regularly for any suspicious transactions, and keep your gift receipts safe.

Get a safe

A home safe that’s bolted securely to the floor or wall is a great place to store small valuables such as jewellery and electronics, as well as important documents like passports.

If you own a lot of jewellery, for example, your insurer might require that you keep it in a safe.

It’s also a good idea to mark your valuables with an indelible ink or ultra-violet security marker and keep a list of the serial numbers of high value items.

If you have something of great financial and/or sentimental value, you could consider paying to store it in a bank vault.

Remember – insurance will only reimburse the financial value of an item that is stolen. It won’t take account of sentimental attachment.

Outdoor Security

Even if thieves can’t get into your home, they can often find items of value outside. That’s why it’s sensible to…

Secure outbuildings

It’s easy to forget about securing sheds and garages. But it’s just as easy to fit a weatherproof padlock to deter would-be thieves.

Anchor locks and cables can also be used to protect individual items such as bikes. If you bike is stolen from your garden, your insurance might refuse to pay if it was not locked and secured to a fixed post or other structure.

Get an alarm for your caravan/motorhome

Caravans and motorhomes are very attractive to thieves – especially as they are often left unattended. So invest in a battery-powered alarm. And display a sticker telling potential thieves one is fitted.

You should also invest in an anchor so that your vehicle is effectively immovable.

Home Security of the Future

Here are some of the latest gizmos designed to help us defeat burglars and thieves. …

Digital door viewers

These mean you can see who is at the door without going near the door or alerting the person or people outside to your presence. They are perfect for elderly people and children – and anyone keen to avoid unwanted visitors.

Digital door locks

These allow you to access and secure your home using a PIN code, which means you no longer have to worry about carrying or losing your keys.

You can also create a temporary code to give other people access to your home when necessary. You might have encountered one if you’ve ever rented holiday accommodation.

Home security apps

The Yale Crime Watcher app displays burglary statistics within a one-mile radius of your home, over the last month.

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Basic Door and Window Security for National Home Security Month

Posted on by admin

Door and Window Security - Halls of Cambridge LocksmithsThis week of National Home Security Month is focused on providing the best security advice for your Doors and Windows on your home.  Covered below we provide 4 simple tips that will improve the security of yours door and windows in your house.

1. Do you have a UPVC or composite Door?

ABS Lock and Sold Secure Diamond - Halls of Cambridge LocksmithsLock Snapping Prevention

Most UPVC and composite doors operate with a multipoint locking system which utilises a lock cylinder.

If you have a lock that may be susceptible to lock snapping, in order to withstand this method of attack we recommend:
Upgrade your cylinder to a SS312 diamond approved lock, this being the highest standard achievable for lock cylinders. Failing that – then ensure it is at least a TS007 3 star approved cylinder, ideally kitemarked

The MLA has been working with West Yorkshire Police on the subject of lock snapping for a while, to see their tips please view 5 tips to prevent lock snapping

Front & Back Door Security

You may have had a new front door or back door installed recently, however this is no guarantee that the locks will provide the necessary level of security to prevent attacks like lock snapping. For this reason we’d encourage the use of a MLA approved locksmith for a survey on your property.   To find your local MLA locksmith visit our find a locksmith page
ABS Lock and Sold Secure Diamond 4 Basic Door & Window Security Tips for National Home Security Month

2. Got a timber door instead?

Composite Door - Door and Window Security - Halls of Cambridge LocksmithsDoes your timber door lock meet BS3621 Standard?

External timber doors should be secured using a mortice lock and / or night latch that meets British Standard BS3621. The easiest way to check whether you lock complies is to look for the British Standard Kitemark. Most mortice locks operate via a “lever” mechanism (normally at least 5 levers), however there are some which are operated by cylinders and therefore the same vulnerabilities as mentioned above may apply.

Why you should Fit a Door  Chain

To increase security further you may want to install a door chain as well as a door viewer to enable you to see who’s outside without having to open the door. If the lock on your door is capable of being operated without a key from the inside (called keyless egress) then you should consider fitting a letter box restrictor and if there is any glazing close to the lock then consider reinforcing this glass or adding security bars to stop people trying to access the lock from the outside.

73% of burglars gain entry via a door

It’s worth noting that stats indicate 73% of burglars gain entry via a door, and even where they don’t they’ll be looking to exit via a door – another reason not to leave you keys in the door or within sight.
Composite Door 4 Basic Door & Window Security Tips for National Home Security Month

3. Are your Windows Secure?

Window Locks - Halls of Cambridge LocksmithsAll windows – upstairs and downstairs – should ideally be fitted with at least one appropriate key operated lock.

It’s worth checking your insurance requirements as they may well specify that all accessible windows have to be fitted with a locking security device.

Window restrictors

Devices which stop a window from being fully opened – are more of a safety item rather than a security one. They’re there to stop people from falling out of windows and don’t provide the level of security required to stop somebody from using a window to gain entry.

Window Grilles and Bars

Where extra window security is required you can may want to consider fitting additional security devices such as grilles or bars.  These will stop intruders gaining access even if they manage to open the window.

Reinforced Glass / Security Film

Another alternative would be to reinforce the glass in the window or apply a security film as these will help defend against direct attacks on the glass.
Window Lock 4 Basic Door & Window Security Tips for National Home Security Month


4. How many people have keys to your home?

Bunch of Keys - Halls of Cambridge LocksmithsWays to protect your keys from being copied
Do you know many copies of the keys to your home are in existence? – for example have all previous occupiers/owners given back all their keys?
Were any keys provided to family members or trades people?

In order to increase your security there are ways to reduce the liklihood of rogue keys being in existence

Patented Keys – Keys can’t be copied

Patented keys  are keys that can’t be copied without proof of ownership. Some patented keys systems for example come with a card that has to be presented to the locksmith in order for a key to be cut.

Restricted Keys  – Keys that are difficult to copy

Restricted keys that can’t be easily copied due to their unique design, and the restriction of the availability of key blanks to this design.

If you’ve recently moved house the MLA recommend you change your locks, this way you can avoid any ‘spare’ sets being used.

Keyed alike – Your one key house

As well as increasing security by installing new locks your MLA locksmith can also provide the convenience of keying your locks alike.This means that the same key can operate every lock in your property.  For example one key can operate your front door, back door and possible even padlocks that you might have on your shed.

Bunch Of Keys 4 Basic Door & Window Security Tips for National Home Security Month

Do you know how keys of your house keys are in existence?

Ask Halls of Cambridge for a FREE Home Security Audit, call us on 01223 640505 now.

Above all remember to Lock your Doors & Windows

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Dom RS Sigma and DOM Sigma Plus from Ronis Dom

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Ronis Dom Sigma DOM Sigma Pro | Halls of Cambridge | Locksmith

The DOM RS Sigma and DOM Sigma Pro are the ideal locking systems for customers who place value on high security whilst at the same time recognise the need for keeping costs down.

This 6 pin conventional locking system offers lock security class 6 and bore resistance class 2 in accordance with DIN EN 1301 and its lifelong trademark protection ensures a secure long-term investment. 2 keys are provided as standard.

Available mastered and non-mastered, the RS Sigma is suitable for medium scale projects. For those customers who wish to build and manage their own master key systems, the RS Sigma is also available as a dealer profile.

Lock & Key Technology

  • Each side of the lock has 6 sprung, solid tumblers, arranged axially
  • Comprises of 12 sectionally arranged core and housing pins.
  • Solid pin tumblers with a minimum diameter of 2.7mm, made from tempered bronze/steel, hardened and chemically nickled.
  • Smallest locking unit across the pin tumblers, solid pin with a minimum height of 0.8mm.
  • Waisted core and housing pins.
  • Truncated cone pin heads to ensure the bolting and closing action of the lock.
  • One-piece cylinder housing made from solid brass, surface treated with several galvanised layers, high protection against corrosion, optional modular construction.
  • Cylinder core made from solid brass, one-piece, with a minimum diameter of 13 mm.
  • Domed core head with guide funnel and core head groove for positively locked transfer of torque when closing and opening.
  • Paracentric, two-piece core and key profiling.
  • One-piece locking yoke made from sintered steel.
  • Key made from nickel silver, non-corrosive.
  • Vertical keyhole.
  • Up to 19 lock authorisation requests per key.
  • Key profile with optimised angle cuts of the flank angle.

Attack Resistance

  • Grade 2 (Optional / Modular)
  • Reisitance to drilling for 5 mins
  • Resistance to chisel attack (40 defined blows)
  • Resistance to twisting attack (30 defined twists)
  • Resistance to plug/cylinder extraction for 15kN

Key Security

  • Grade 6
  • 100,000 Minimum number of effective differs
  • 6 Minimum number of movable levers, pins or discs.
  • No coding on key could disclosure combination
  • Torque resistance of plug fixed at 15Nm

To find out more about the DOM RS Sigma and DOM Sigma Pro call Halls of Cambridge on 01223 640505 today.

Ronis Dom DOM RS Sigma and DOM Sigma Pro

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SecureFast Sliplock Cable Restrictor now at Halls

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Securefast Sliplock - Cambridge Locksmith

With reports of an increasing number of people, particularly the young and elderly, falling from open windows, Sliplock has been purposely designed to significantly reduce the risk of accidents by effectively restricting the degree that a window is allowed to open.

Sliplock Cable Restrictor from SecureFast

Sliplock is an easy to operate safety and security device ideal for windows and doors both in the home, commercial properties, public buildings and in particular all vulnerable locations such as care homes, hotels, nurseries, schools, universities and hospitals.

Sliplock comprises of two heavy duty zinc diecast bases, one mounted on the opening window the other securely fixed to the window frame and both linked via a plastic coated heavy duty steel cable. The opening window mount incorporates a solidly fixed baseplate that engages with an easy to operate slide over casing that can by locked or unlocked with a dedicated key. Once engaged the window opening is restricted by the cable relative to its fixing point on the frame. Sliplock can be simply disengaged and the window opened fully to allow for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

To find out more about the SecureFast Sliplock system call Halls of Cambridge on 01223 640505 today.

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Simons Voss Started Systems – Ingenious? Simple? Ingeniously Simple!

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Simons Voss Starter SystemsSimons Voss have created a useful and innovative product, designed with cost in mind and is suited for small and medium sized businesses. The Simons Voss Starter System is a state of the art electronic locking system, which has proven to be an effective solution for business security requirements.

Using transponders to open and close doors, the system is simple to use with remote control keys, similar to those used for cars. Offering extra access control options that allow you to determine who gains access and monitors who enters and at what time, the advantages are abundant.

Designed for small businesses, the Starter System has been perfected for buildings with up to 20 doors and 100 authorised users.

Simple activation and deactivation, simply deactivate the lost transponder and activate a new one, eliminating the hassle of replacing keys and changing locks.

Using the extra access control option you can view on the computer who has entered the building through a particular entry point at any given time.

Installation is quick and simple, with no wiring or drilling required. The software is easy to use and can be manually configured. Easy to manage, modify and delete individual access authorisation in your lock plan, you have complete control over who enters the building.

The Starter System is intentionally low-priced, making it eminently suitable for small and medium sized companies.

As a modular solution the Starter System can grow with your business converting doors as you expand. The System can convert doors from stand alone to a wireless network, starting with only a few doors and growing up to 100s or even 1000s of doors.

Providing the total package, Simons Voss will take care of the quantity survey, installation and configuration of your locking plan, including programming.

Having installed 10,000 systems with over 1million locking cylinders around the world, SimonsVoss is a leading digital locking system manufacturer and can be relied upon to perform above and beyond expectations.

As a regular supplier of Simons Voss products Halls of Cambridge are able to advise on your installation. Click Here for more details of these innovative products.




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