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ISEO Zero1 – Access Control for Everyone

ISEO Zero1 is the new electronic products range which totally changes the way you manage your security. Thanks to the high technology of the electronic components, comfort and easiness of use are guaranteed for anybody. All ISEO Zero1 products and functions can be integrated, allowing to easily manage and control any access in maximum security. The installation is always quick and easy, even on existing doors.

ISEO Zero1 is also a tailor-made support service: a team of experts supports you from the design to the post-sales steps.

ISEO Zero1 products are heterogeneous: thanks to the flexibility of their functions, they perfectly adapt to any situation.

Halls of Cambridge are your local ISEO Zero1 agents and we can guide you through all stages of the process from concept to installation and training.

B & B and Hotels

You take care of your customers’ relax; ISEO Zero1 takes care of your comfort while you are managing the security of your property. Microelectronics meets security in ISEO Zero1 smart solutions: the key is replaced by a precious small microchip, which becomes the heart of the access control system.

The entries to each room can be easily managed with cards: you bring your programming card near the reader to enable or disable the cards of different users for different time zones.
Thanks to Argo App, you can manage each door even with your smartphone. The installation and even the replacement of existing locking systems is quick and cost effective: it doesn’t require any wiring and you don’t need to replace your door.

Offices and Workshops

The entries to the sensitive areas in your company can be managed in a smart way with ISEO Zero1 access control systems: you easily enable or disable your employees’ cards, and they will be authorised or not to open certain doors, even with different time options. Thanks to Argo App, you can manage each door even with your smartphone. The access control systems can also be connected with a special lock which can be set with different locking options: the door can be automatically locked when it is pulled ajar or can be always unlocked, in a classic hold-open situation. Furthermore, our panic exit device Push Sirena with alarm signals every escape or non-authorised entry on escape routes. It meets all the requirements of the latest international standards, ensuring maximum security and reliability.

Schools and Nurseries

The innovative ISEO Zero1 solutions keeps your children safe even when they are not at home. Panic exits in schools and nurseries are no longer critical points to be constantly monitored in order to avoid non authorized exits or escapes: the panic exit device Push Sirena has an acoustic alarm which immediately detects any unauthorized opening of the escape route door.

Moreover, thanks to the special antibacterial treatment AntiGerm, the bacteria level on the bar of Push Sirena is reduced of 99%. Installing Push Sirena is easy, quick and cost effective because it doesn’t require any special tool or knowledge. No wiring in the door is needed since the device is battery-operated.

Hospitals, Treatment Homes and Spa

Every year in Europe 4.1 million patients acquire an infection in hospitals. Today you have a new ally against bacteria: AntiGerm is a special treatment which ISEO uses on its panic exit devices range, reducing the level of bacteria responsible of acute diseases of 99%. Nevertheless escape routes can represent critical points for the security of the buildings and the goods they contain.

The innovative solution by ISEO Zero1 is the panic exit device Push Sirena: thanks to its alarm, it immediately detects any unauthorized opening of the escape route doors. The installation is quick and easy and you don’t need to replace the door. It doesn’t require any wiring since the device is battery-operated.

Apartment Blocks, Flats and Buildings

The main entrance of an apartment block or any building with offices requires constant security and restricted access to residents and authorized people only. This cannot be ensured if the door is equipped with a conventional electric lock: the electric pulse opens the lock, which remains constantly unlocked until the door is physically pulled ajar.

In that undefined time lapse the access to the apartment block is free for anyone. ISEO Zero1 solutions solve this kind of problems: its security status is automatically restored with a locking time which can be set according to one’s needs.

Private Homes

Thanks to ISEO Zero1 all worries are locked out and the old bunch of keys gives way to the key of the future: smart and unique, it opens all the doors. The owner can easily program each key with the authorization to open all the doors or just some of them, in different time zones.

Even if you lose your key, or it is stolen, you don’t have to replace the lock: all you have to do is to cancel or disable the lost key. Furthermore, a specific solution for armoured doors allows to open the door with a numeric code, a transponder or a remote control. The installation is quick, easy and cost effective because you don’t need to replace the door. It doesn’t require any wiring since the lock is battery-operated.

If you are interested in discussing your Access Control System requirements call Halls Access Control today, one of our experienced team will be able to find the right system to meet your requirements.

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