What is Access Control?

Access control is quite literally about controlling access to your premises, or a specific area of your premises. Instead of the old lock and key method, access control secures your building electronically. With tokens and readers instead of locks and keys; you say who has access, when they have access and where exactly they can have access to.

Halls understand that access control does not need to be complicated. Our access control systems look professional but are also really easy to use.

Why Choose Access Control Instead Of Locks And Keys?

Huge bunches of keys are common for some sites, but if the keys get lost imagine how many locks would need replacing to make your site secure again. The cost implications are huge. With access control, each staff member, or visitor, is issued with one token or card to gain access through any door, gate or barrier. They simply present their token at a reader and access is permitted or denied, as appropriate. There is no need to change locks if someone loses their token. This gives you total confidence that your premises stay secure, something that is just not possible with a lock and key system. With access control you can restrict specific areas of your premises to certain groups of staff or individuals. You can even give users access rights specifically for certain times of the day or night. This gives you control over the security of your site around the clock and means you do not need to spend money on night-time security. You can rest assured that your premises are protected, even outside of normal working hours.

Instead of searching for your keys when you approach a door, imagine if it automatically unlocks as you reach it. Our hands free technology is a great way of improving movement around a site or simply getting you out of the rain faster! The reader on the door picks up the signal from your token, be it stored about your person or in a handbag or pocket. The door then unlocks without you having to present your token directly to the reader.

How Secure Is Your Security Or CCTV System?

We read a lot about unauthorised access to a variety of internet connected devices that are not secured properly. The ‘Internet of Things’ brings huge benefits to us in our daily lives but without proper configuration the very devices that are designed to help and assist us can cause problems.

A recent study revealed that the majority of internet connected devices, router and other assistive technology remains configured with the default security access, passwords and passkeys, all of which are readily available in the user manuals provided for the devices and made available online.

Wireless CCTV cameras are an excellent example of this, they need to balance the ease of use and setup with the need for security, many are just happy to configure their camera so it is visible from their smart phone or tablet while they are away but just how secure are they?

Stand alone CCTV cameras will need to connect to a third party service in order to announce their location to the viewer, this is so the app on the smart phone or tablet can locate the camera on the internet, this system is often configured incorrectly and armed with the default username and password for the camera the cyber intruder can gain access to the camera and see what the owner sees. Moreover, the cyber intruder can actually see when there is nobody home, notice patterns of behaviour and if inclined plan a visit.

Your CCTV cameras could actually be announcing when you are home and when you are not.

It’s crucial that these systems are configured correctly, installed correctly and secured agains all but appropriate access.

Systems from ABUS have got this in hand, their systems are backed by years of experience in all aspects of security and access control.

Halls Access Control are you local suppliers and installers of Domestic and Commercial CCTV systems, get in tough today to discuss your requirements.

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