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NACD Access Control Systems

An audio door entry system provides an audio communication link between two or more points.  There are many ways of achieving this but telephony based systems are obviously superior to conventional hardwired door entry systems because they use the latest equipment technologies and services or both.

They automatically provide a range of features to users that cannot be made available using any type of conventional door entry.

Most importantly, there is full compliance with Disability Discrimination Act requirements because the elderly, disabled, hearing impaired and visually impaired can also use the system. This is not the case with conventional door entry systems.

Telephone-Based Door Access Control Systems

When visitors press a button to call a resident from the telephone-based door entry panel, the system simply speed dials the preprogrammed telephone numbers (land line or mobile). The resident can open the door by pressing a key on their telephone keypad, and (if their panel includes video) check the feed from the camera on their television.

Hard-wired Door Entry & Access Control Systems

We offer a wide range of conventional & digital hard-wired door entry systems. Our panels can be tailored to fit the exact requirement of your site. Contact a member of our sales team to discuss your specific requirement.

Stand-alone Door Entry & Access Control

NACD manufacture a comprehensive range of standalone and networked access control system types.

We aim for:

Consistency – all system types are installed and programmed the same way. Simplicity – all access passes are visibly and sequentially numbered, enabling individual, group and batch programming. Quality and Reliability – we never downgrade to sell on price. Performance – constant improvements to make sure we meet your demands

NACD Posts

It is not always possible to mount the door entry panel or access control in or on a wall or other structure.
The NACD range of BS304 grade stainless steel posts suits all requirements : Car height, Van height, Lorry height, Car + Lorry height (dual height).

If you are interested in discussing your Access Control System requirements call Halls Access Control today, one of our experienced team will be able to find the right system to meet your requirements.

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Areas We Cover

As well as Cambridge our Master Locksmith Services cover an area of roughly 20 miles around Cambridge, some areas may not be covered by our out of hours Emergency Locksmith Service.